The Manor House Guide To: Creating the Perfect Event

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The Manor House Guide To: Creating the Perfect Event

At Manor House Lindley, we are experts in hosting the perfect even so we can give some insight and top tips into how to plan and implement an incredible event. As a desirable venue with added class in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we’ve hosted our fair share of extravaganzas, from weddings, corporate events, celebrations, business meetings, private dining, product launches at more. Follow our top tips below to make sure that your event really is perfect.

Set a goal. What should the outcome of the event be? Is it for a product launch, a celebration, a corporate meeting or a networking event? Be clear what you want to get out of the event and this will help you plan accordingly.

Catering. The food and drink are what people tend to talk about, months and years after an event is done. Make sure you choose a menu that will suit everyone, including vegetarian options. Most venues for hire will be able to accommodate vegan and gluten-free choices on an individual basis - Manor House Lindley can certainly provide these options.

Promotion. If your event is open to the public, or even just within your organisation, nobody will attend if you don’t get the word out about it. Think about sharing your event on social media and tagging in businesses and individuals that you want to attend, creating an email campaign, handing out flyers, and putting up posters.

Guest list. Creating a guest list will ensure that you invite everyone you need to, without missing anyone important. This will help avoid situations such as forgetting to invite your Managing Director to your business event! Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, why not add a VIP list with added extras to add glamour to your event.

Entertainment. The entertainment will entirely depend on the type of event and could range from a live band to a DJ set. At Manor House Lindley, we have many contacts with Yorkshire-based musicians so find the perfect entertainment for your event.

Invitations. A Facebook event invite simply won’t suffice for some events. Whilst an email invite is entirely acceptable, handwritten and posted invites are a great way to ensure attendance or create more of a VIP feel.

If you’re looking for an event venue in West Yorkshire, perhaps for a corporate event, a wedding day, a party venue or even just a function room for whatever event you have planned, Manor House Lindley has an award-winning team that can ensure it goes without a hitch. We can help with every aspect, from planning stages to event management.

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