The Kitchen

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The Kitchen

The Kitchen, open daily for breakfast and lunch, is a perfect space for the thriving community. An open, spacious room where light beams through the glass atrium and between suspended flowers that hang from the ceiling; the setting instantly makes you feel welcomed, get comfortable and relax amongst familiar faces and friends. No bookings required here!

Food is a celebration of life and in The Kitchen, we ensure that our food feeds your soul and puts your well-being at the forefront. Using quality locally sourced ingredients, simple dishes are designed to keep you on the straight and narrow (if that’s what you want) or lead you astray with delicious cakes and pastries.

A protein pot before yoga or a scone with clotted cream after the school run and with plenty of take-out options, you’ll be able to take a taste of The Kitchen with you.

Open daily, 6.30am to 7pm.

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