Summer cocktails: An interview with our Bar Manager

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Summer cocktails: An interview with our Bar Manager

Our talented Bar Manager Killian Cropper discusses all things cocktails and mixing drinks.

Q. You’re currently the bar manager at Manor House, Lindley. Where did your passion for mixing drinks first begin?

A. I’ve worked in hospitality since I was 15, throughout school, college and university. I moved to Australia after university and it was there that I developed my skills and decided to pursue a career in the industry.

Q. In your industry, mentoring is key. Who’s been the biggest mentor in your career?

A. I couldn’t choose one in particular! I’ve been fortunate to work under numerous highly experienced and skilled managers in different parts of the industry. I would like to think that I have taken on their attributes and learned from every single one of them.

Q. Do you have a favourite summer cocktail to prepare from the menu?

A. “The Manor House Spritz” is proving to be one of the most popular on the new menu. Gin, Lillet rose, elderflower, cucumber, and mint topped with prosecco! Very refreshing just in time for the summer.

Q. What would you say are the three staple cocktails that should be included on any menu?

A. All new cocktails are based around the classics, chopping and changing elements and measures to create new flavours. Modern cocktails will come and go out of fashion, but the classics will always remain. Every bar should know how to perfect the classics like the Old Fashioned, Martinis, Negronis, Mojitos, Cosmos… the list goes on.

Q. How do you make sure you keep on top of any emerging cocktail trends?

A. We are constantly attending tastings, sampling new products and taking inspiration from the best bars and bartenders in the world (best part of the job)! New products come out every day whether it be local or worldwide and we aim to keep on top. We stock award-winning gins from Huddersfield, rums from Venezuela, whiskeys from Japan.

Q. Many of us enjoy creating our own cocktails at home. What would be your top tip for the ambitious mixologists amongst us?

A. My fridge is always topped up with pre-batched Old Fashioneds & Negronis! Easy to make simple cocktails, ready to pour after a long day! Everyone’s tastes are different, but it’s all about combining your favourite flavours together. We all have our favourite drink/cocktail, but don’t be afraid to try new and different drinks next time you are out. You’ll be surprised what you may like…

Why not drop in and try one of our cocktails this summer? Even better, our roof terrace is opening on Saturday 15th June* - the perfect setting to sip on an exquisitely mixed cocktail.

*Weather permitting