The theatre of dining in The Lantern Room is amplified by the quality of the wine and our ability to pair each dish with the perfect glass referenced as a ‘fruit of the earth’ or a ‘gift from God’. The wine collection here is creatively and skilfully put together to complement and bring out elements on the plate.​

The rare cellar collection really is a treat to explore and tempts you to return time and again to sample a new delight. Offering rare and unusual wines from small producers and emerging regions to offer something different to your dining experience.
The serving team is led by James Whitton who will be delighted to talk you through the collection when you dine.

For the daring, try Miolo Family Vineyards Pinot Noir 2018 from South Brazil. Light and fresh with red fruit and spice, perfect with duck and game dishes. The most heroic wine on the menu is the Norman Hardie Chardonnay, vintage 2016. This is Canadian winemaking on the edge, the vines are buried in winter to survive the snow, fantastic with delicate fish flavours.