Bread making itself is seen by many as a sacred practice and over centuries has shaped modern society in addition to providing energy for daily life. Whether baking at home or dining out, there is no underestimating the smell of fresh bread and the feelings it evokes.​

At Manor House, bread is made daily and served with distinct personality. John Brewster, Head Chef tells us a little about what you can expect from his kitchen.

“Bread making is such a big topic, I probably could write ten books on it! In simple terms, our bread is made the old fashioned way. There’s no fresh yeast. It’s based on our own leaven/sour dough starter, which we fondly name Matilda. Our staple bread is a 36 hour Long Moor Sourdough. We basically exchange a percentage of the water of the dough for beer – we particularly like the Long Moor Beer, it’s a pale ale with a light bitter finish. And then it’s a typical bread making process – allowing the gluten to stretch itself by hand making the folds before shaping and proving overnight and baking each day. We like to enjoy this Sour Dough with lashings of pork scratching butter – which is our own recipe of whipped pork fat and cultured butter”.