The Manor House Lindley guide to meeting productivity

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The Manor House Lindley guide to meeting productivity

Everybody knows that meetings can sometimes go awry, whether it is going completely off topic to being completely and utterly boring. We’re no stranger to meetings here at Manor House Lindley, whether that’s amongst our own staff, or hosting them for our customers with one of our corporate day packages. Therefore, we’ve included our five top tips to increasing meeting productivity.

1. Only hold meetings that requires face-to-face interaction. For example, “status update” meetings could equally be information that is provided by email. Quality over quantity is key.

2. Create and distribute an agenda ahead of the meeting. Attendees can add to it, with top priorities being discussed at the start. Make sure, however, that the agenda does not get out of hand so that your meeting doesn’t run over the allocated time.

3. Choose the right environment for your meeting. A windowless grey office space is not conducive to getting the creative juices flowing. Attendees will be more attentive and eager to participate in a more stimulating environment with a range of refreshments.

4. Make sure each meeting is headed by a facilitator. Their job is to keep the discussion on track and relevant without going off on tangents and to also police any heated conversations which can reduce productivity.

5. Decide on clear actions to be taken before the next meeting and make sure they are assigned to the right people. This will ensure that individuals are held accountable and will increase productivity in the next meeting.

If your current meetings are not as efficient and productive as you might like, it would be worth a change of scenery for you and your team. At Manor House Lindley, we offer a range of corporate packages, from intimate one-on-one meetings to conferences up to 220. We’re in the perfect location, situated halfway between Leeds and Manchester, and within easy traveling distance to Bradford, Liverpool, Sheffield, and York.

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