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Personal Training

We know it can be intimidating to train with your PT in the gym, but home workouts lack the use of some equipment that will help you get the most out of your training.

The Studio is the best of both worlds! Enjoy solo use of The Studio during your personal training sessions, with all of our top-of-the-range equipment available.

Our experienced personal trainers have the experience and skills to get the results you want. They can also offer a full dietary plan and nutritional advice to help you reach your fitness goals.

Training in The Studio stands apart from training at a regular gym due to its exclusivity. There are no passers-by and no other gym-goers in the facility at the same time so you can concentrate on what’s really important; getting your workout in.

Personal training sessions are available from £35, and the frequency of sessions will be discussed at an initial consultation session with your instructor.


Liam O’Brien:

Liam has over 12 years’ experience in personal training. His speciality is strength training centred around circuits, kettlebell training and total body sessions in the style of crossfit. Liam himself has had a varied fitness career, from running the Sahara Desert Marathon to completing the European Kettlebell Championship. Liam that strength training gives longer lasting results and that being functionally strong improves quality of life.

Liam offers private one-to-one PT sessions that are fully personalised to your goals. He also offers nutritional advice centred around long-term sustainability and lifestyle change rather than a crash “diet” to help you maintain your health and fitness well into the future.

Liam’s client results and feedback speak for themselves, but Liam has a Level 3 Personal Training qualification and a qualified IKFF Kettlebell Instructor as well as being a qualified Olympic Lifting Coach.

Nikki Senior:

Nikki started her fitness journey six years ago and helps people change their lives. She offers private one-to-one personal training at Manor House that is individually tailored to you and your goals. Nikki knows from personal experience how daunting it is to begin creating a healthier lifestyle so she is able to coach people to be the best can be.

Nikki is known for her success in weight loss transformation with her clients and has successfully coached clients to competition weight. She is able to achieve this through finding the right balance of pushing you to your potential but also being mindful of what you are capable of and building on that. Her ethos is that you will be surprised by you can achieve with the right mindset!

Nikki is a holds a Level 3 Personal Training qualifications, as well as being a Level 2 Gym Instructor and has CPD courses in boxercise, circuits, spin and pole fitness. This diversity of skill allows Nikki to create a training plan that suits you. She also holds a Level 3 Nutrition qualification and is able to expertly advise on your nutritional needs.

One of our personal trainers here at Manor House Lindley.