Employee of the Year: Killian Cropper

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Employee of the Year: Killian Cropper

In this post we get a glimpse into the life of Manor House Lindley's leading bartender, Killian. Killian has been named as our Employee of the Year due to his outstanding service and passion for flavour that can be found throughout any of his drink menus at Manor House. 

Name: Killian Cropper

Job title: Head Bartender – Oversees running of all bars at Manor House including The Clock Tower Lounge, Lindley Cellars, The Coach House and the soon to be opened Roof Terrace.

Previously worked: Lived in Sydney for 2 years working at Ventuno and Steersons Steakhouse, also worked at Sydney Opera House a few times!

Dessert Island drink: Seville Orange Negroni made with Tanqueray Flor de Seville gin, Lillet Rose, Aperol.

Favourite drink at the end of a shift: Bulleit bourbon straight from the freezer at home!

Most unusual drink request: A virgin bellini

If I wasn’t bartending I would be: Braford City’s number 9.

Famous person I’d like to have a drink with: Maradona